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Google Ads Membership Master Class

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Includes Master Classes

  • Training #1: Basics of Google Ads
  • Training #2: Create a Google Ads Manager Account
  • Training #3: Create a Search Campaign
  • Training #4: Create Call Only Campaign
  • Training #5: Google Ad Extensions
  • Training #6: Use Keyword Planner
  • Training #7: Set Your Keyword Match Types
  • Training #8: Add Negative Keywords To Campaigns
  • Training #9: About Ad Scheduling
  • Training #10: How To View The Search Terms Report
  • Training #11: Set Up A Shared Budget
  • Training #12: Set Up Conversion Tracking
  • Training #13: Edit Your Campaign Settings
  • Training #14: Demographic Targeting
  • Training #15: Create Your First Display Remarketing Campaign
  • Training #16: Set Up Your Remarketing Lists For Search Ads Campaign
  • Training #17: Create A Responsive Search Ad
  • Training #18: How To Create A New Search Campaign With A Dynamic Ad Group In Your Search Campaign
  • Training #19: How To Create Your Dynamic Ads
  • Training #20: Use Segments In Your Tables
  • Training #21: Add Or Remove Columns In Your Statistics Table
  • Training #22: Download Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads And Extensions, Or Keywords Performance Report
  • Training #23: Manage Access To Your Google Ads Account
  • Training #24: Google Ads Certification

4 Awesome Free Bonuses -
Total Value $788

Free Bonus #1: How To Get The Clients Who Will Pay Monthly Cash For Your Google Ads Management Services - ($197 Value)

  •   In this easy-to-follow Master Class, I’ll lay out the exact step-by-step framework that I’ve been using to snag paying clients for years. This same training will show you exactly how to get clients paying you month in and month out.
  •  Every tip, trick, and secret is revealed and no stone is left unturned. I probably should be selling this as separate training, but I’ve decided to include it with your purchase today.

Free Bonus #2: Email Lead Gen Letter - ($197 Value)

  •  Want a quick way to reach out to local business owners?
  •  You will also receive professionally written done-for-you email scripts that you can edit however you want and use to contact local business owners.
  •  These scripts will help you introduce yourself and offer your Google Ads Management Service as a way to help prospective businesses attract more customers...

Free Bonus #3: Google Ads Client Getting Website - ($197 Value)

  •   This is a highly converting Website that you can use to help you market your Google Ads Agency.
  •  Getting clients has never been so easy! All you need to do is to send traffic to this website.

Free Bonus #4: Access to Google Ads Academy Private Facebook Group - ($197)

  •  Access to the 24/7 Guidance of the new Private Google Ads Academy Facebook Group, where you will connect and network with like-minded business owners. You can also get answers to your most challenging business questions and you will be able to exchange ideas with other members and receive tips and important notifications.

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